Micro Dot Pigmentation

Micro Dot Pigmentation for hair loss (or Scalp Micro Pigmentation – SMP) is a relatively new hair loss treatment for men and women with hair loss/thinning hair. For men with extensive hair loss or a receding hairline – once completed, the effect will look like very short hair; and can be utilised to effectively camouflage not just  thinning hair, but also scars, and produce a fuller look for hair transplants. As closely shaven hair appears as thousands of ‘small dots’ on the scalp –  Micro Dot Pigmentation thickens and restores lost hair by using pigment hair dots that effectively replicate this appearance. This cosmetic procedure for hair loss, when applied by a highly trained and skilled technician – is a highly detailed procedure that creates an incredible natural simulation of micro hair. Hair Micro Dot Pigmentation can create the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair, and recreate a natural hair line and camouflage the visible scalp area due to hair loss, accident, operation scars and burns.

Hair Microdot Pigmentation – is a  non-invasive process offering instant and reliable results. Many men and women decide on MDP (also known as SMP) in favour of, or in conjunction with other hair loss treatments, such as hair transplant surgery or hair loss medicines. Pigment dots are layered over several sessions to gradually increase the density and darkness until the correct blend is achieved. In terms of quality, it is vital to choose a reliable professional to guarantee the most genuine outcomes from MDP. The placement of each dot is of paramount importance. Misplaced, marginally darker or larger dots could lead to ‘telltale’ signs and an unnatural appearance,                                                                

The scalp micro pigmentation procedure offers benefits such as:

Low risk – an advantage of the microdot pigmentation treatment is that there is ‘next to no risk’ of infection – when done by a skilled professional. There is no pain – more a ‘sensation’, and you do not have to wait for grafts to grow.

Cost-effective – compared to hair transplantation, microdot hair pigmentation costs are much less, results are immediate and there is almost no ‘healing’ required.

Quick healing time – microdot hair pigmentation is a swift healing process, usually 1 – 2 days for slight ‘redness’ to the scalp to subside. Another great advantage is that existing MDP can be restored or the colour can be updated over a period of time – depending on your requirements and needs.

Why consider microdot pigmentation? – microdot pigmentation is a great solution for alopecia, thinning hair, hairline decline and burn, scar and surgery related hair loss. In conclusion – some of the benefits offered by this non-surgical treatment include the following:

Generate the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair

Camouflage the symptoms of hair loss

Hide birthmarks, blemishes, scars and burns

Work as a blend with hair transplantation to offer supplementary density

Reconstruct a natural hair line

Contact the elan clinic for more information on the Microdot Hair Pigmentation procedure and how this treatment could benefit you.



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