The lower a person’s ferritin is – the more likely it’s related to the hair loss they are experiencing.

Ferritin is a measure of the bodies iron storage levels. The ideal amount varies – males tend to have higher ferritin levels than females and premenopausal women tend to have lower ferritin levels than post menopausal women. Extremely low ferritin levels have many potential side effect and may prevent the body from making haemoglobin – a condition which is called ‘anaemia’ (many people may also have low ferritin levels without actually having an anaemia).

How low can go ferritin levels go before it starts to contribute to hair loss?

Many females have ferritin levels 20-40 without hair loss. In fact, if you were to measure iron levels in all women between ages 20-40, you may find many have ferritin levels of 28 – 44, you’d not find many with ferritin levels above 50 (some would have ferritin levels of 6 – 19).

While it’s often considered that one needs to have a ferritin level above 40 (or above 70) for healthy hair growth, this rule is perhaps too simplistic. We often “aim” for that level for optimum hair health …. but it is not always correct to suggest that ferritin levels below 40 will cause a problem. If a ferritin level is between 20 – 40 and there is hair loss, we would  recommend an iron supplement.

If ferritin levels are low and haemoglobin levels are also low (indicative of iron deficiency anaemia) it is recommended to speak to your G.P. 

Vitamin C helps iron absorption and taking a vitamin C rich sources with iron supplements will help to increase your bodies iron.  Limiting the consumption of caffeine may also help.



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