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At the Elan Clinic, we provide an answer to both male and female hair replacement by designing unique, customisable wigs suitable for anyone who wants to bring their confidence back.   Hair loss can be very distressing for anyone. The causes can be many and can range from ‘general thinning’, to small patches or complete hair loss. The word ‘wigs’ has long been associated with false- looking, uncomfortable and poor fitting hair alternatives (a ‘one size fits all’ approach) that often look synthetic and less than convincing in appearance, especially if purchased ‘out of a box’, from websites or high street shops. The new generation of non-surgical/cosmetic hair replacement has thankfully progressed to a much higher standard and looks, feels and behaves much more like actual human hair.

Feels like… 

behaves like…

Normal human hair

Why choose custom wigs over normal ones?

Inferior wigs can never be a satisfactory answer to hair loss – the 
élan collection offers a better solution – it offers the choice of ultra-realistic hair-lines, superb fashionable colours and natural-looking fibres and human hair of the highest quality. ‘Off the peg’ wigs do serve a purpose, and the  élan ready to wear’ collection is far above the quality generally available anywhere else. 

Custom wigs are a great solution for those who want to have an exact replica of their natural hair. When you choose a wig designed for you, our team takes into account a wide range of elements that you would otherwise not get with a normal wig. We analyse the pattern of your hair, the size of your head, the shading, colour, type and curl pattern that you have. As industry leaders, we know how to create the ultimate hairpiece that looks good on you. 

How do we make our custom wigs?

Our bespoke custom-made editions involve hair that is woven into a fine mesh which has been specifically tailored to the individuals’ head shape and size. It is less like a wig and more like your own natural hair. The base looks like your scalp – so unlike an inferior conventional wig, it will not betray your secret on a windy day. The custom- made  élan edition is so natural that it can be worn in bed, while swimming or showering.

How our wigs differ from others?

The élan difference – a revelation for alopecia and hair loss sufferers. In our thirty-year involvement helping alopecia and hair loss sufferers with our  ready-to-wear and custom-made replacement hair, we have met many patients who have already purchased (from elsewhere) and have been sorely disappointed with inferior wigs. It is our passion to help anyone with hair loss problems and to help rebuild confidence through appearance.

Custom Made Wigs

The élan custom made edition is a complete bespoke service which provides the ultimate experience in comfort, realism and confidence. Your new hair can be designed to almost any length, style, mixture and blend of colours, density and texture. The only limits are that we would not want to stretch the realms of what ‘looks real’ beyond what real hair actually is like – and your imagination. 

How much are our custom wigs?

Prices: £350 – £3500, ranging from small ‘in-fill’ pieces – to full headpieces (inc: lace fronts, human hair, extra-long length etc).   

How long does it take for my tailored wig to be completed?

Please note – due to the amount of very detailed precision work involved to create a custom-made élan  piece – production can take up to 14 weeks – it is therefore not suitable for those undergoing chemotherapy (hair loss can often follow soon after your first treatment) or an unpredictable type of ‘patchy’ hair loss (alopecia areata) which may change in pattern during or soon after the production process.    

Ready to wear Wigs

The élan ‘ready to wear’ collection includes both high quality synthetic fibre and human hair, choices of lace fronts, monofilament bases, realistic ‘root’ areas, highlights and varied densities. 

Prices £350 – £1980 (features affect pricing).

Wigs for Men 

The élan ‘ready to wear’ and ‘custom made’ mens collection includes both high quality synthetic fibre and human hair, choices of lace fronts, varied densities and personalised colour choices.  

Prices £390 – £1980 (features affect pricing).

Please note: at élan clinic we do not advocate ‘permanent’ attachment – as we believe this can be the cause of scalp irritation – so we use a ‘tape’ method of attachment which allows the wearer to shampoo and cleanse the scalp thoroughly and regularly.

During your consultation with us, we ensure that all of your questions will be answered and you are fully satisfied with our service. We have helped customers across Warwickshire, Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands. Our custom made wigs follow a high-standard process of manufacturing. With us, you benefit from a comfortable and lightweight wig that feels perfect for your measures. 

Wigs and Hairpieces

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