Gill Harrison ART

With over 35 years experience in the hair industry, Gill has a wealth of experience in helping people with hair loss and scalp problems - she knows exactly how healthy hair should look and feel. Her work with Scalp Micropigmentation is well regarded and has made her a much sought after practitioner, with many satisfied clients. 

Gill is also one of our trichologists - through in depth consultation and holistic approach, Gill will devise and supervise a ‘stepping stones’ approach healing programme, taking into account the hair and scalps’ internal and external environment, supported by diet, lifestyle and general health.  

“Beautiful hair and a healthy scalp plays an essential role in self confidence and day-to-day morale, something we don’t really appreciate until we have a problem, this can be the cause of a very real and deep psychological problem, something I am privileged to have helped many people overcome."                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Neil Harvey  MIT 

Neil Harvey MIT is a current director of The Institute of Trichologists (London) and is available for private consultation at the èlan clinic. Neil Harvey MIT is also a 'practising associate of "The Academy of Experts" and is available as a medical/legal expert witness. As an ‘institute certified Trichologist’ he is well regarded for his diagnostic approach, clinical knowledge  and empathetic understanding. Combining clinical treatments and cosmetic enhancements (where needed) with home use recommendations, Neil will work with you to overcome the causative factors of your hair and scalp concerns, helping you to regain your confidence and carry on with life without hair or scalp problems.

Neils’ entire career has been focused on hair and hair health, with over 30 years experience working in the specialist field of authentic looking non- surgical hair replacement for men and women, a passion that was born from refusing to accept that the inferior wigs and hairpieces commonly on offer were the only option.


“Not every condition is curable - but every condition can at least be improved upon, and that includes improving how you look and feel”.