Warwickshires Specialist Hair Loss Clinic based in Stratford upon Avon.

Neil Harvey and Gill Harrison are leading Trichologists, specialising ion the treatment of hair loss. Gill has over 35 years experience in the hair industry and Neil is a current director of The Institute of Trichologists (London). When dealing with Elan Clinic you will receive a one to one personal service. 

Hair loss, particularly for women can be an extremely sensitive subject and we treat each and every patient with he upmost privacy and respect. 

“Not every condition is curable – but every condition can at least be improved upon, and that includes improving how you look and feel”. 

Treating hair loss

About one-third of women experience hair loss at some time in their lives; among postmenopausal women, as many as two-thirds suffer hair thinning or bald spots. Cases of hair loss in men also increase with age, with over half experiencing some amount of thinning by the age of 50. Hair loss is never welcome, and can affect a not only your appearance, but also your emotional well-being and (to some degree) quality of life.           

A clinical diagnosis is essential to accurately identify the cause and ‘type’ of your hair loss. Only then, can effective treatment be advised – starting your journey to healthier and fuller hair.  Although it is true, that hair thinning is somewhat ‘inevitable’ with ageing or illness, in many cases you don’t have to simply settle for the idea that ‘there is nothing you can co about it’.

At èlan clinic, our certified trichologists  have helped hundreds of men and women regain hair density by increasing both the numbers and individual thickness of hairs. Our advice and treatments are based on clinical research and results.

What to expect during (and before) your consultation:

We can offer advice and treatment plans that would help with hair loss problems – and we will examine your recent medical/health history and your scalp to discover the cause – and suggest treatment options.

So as to make the very best of our time together during your consultation (if you were to go ahead and book with us), we would ask you to fill in a patient consultation form in as much detail as you can; and return ASAP via email.

Including any copies of recent blood tests, along with any details of medications, supplements and photographs of you/your hair (sorry – lots of homework – but it is all necessary).

Our consultation appointments are inclusive of full clinical examination including microscopy and trichoscopy and are currently £207 – we aim to be able to arrange an appointment for you within the next two weeks. 

Currently, the NHS offers very little support for anyone experiencing hair loss; the official NHS website advises “most treatments are not available on the NHS”.

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