Trichologists in Warwickshire

At the Elan clinic, we have a careful ‘stepping stones’ approach - providing full support from your first contact and throughout your entire journey. We offer you the assurance that you are in capable hands and treated with the greatest of professional acumen. Based in Warwickshire, we have helped hundreds of customers from Birmingham, Coventry and the rest of the West Midlands with professional hair advice, treatments and procedures. From women, men and children, we have proven experience with a wide range of hair and scalp issues and the best course of action to treat them.


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We understand that dealing with hair or scalp problems is still a very delicate issue to handle and this is why our friendly experts will ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease during the consultation. The Elan clinic provides a personal and professional service, evaluating patients needs on the basis of diagnostic technology, personal/medical history, lifestyle, genetic factors, blood test results and both internal/external environmental conditions. With years of experience behind us, we work out the best solution for you while providing the highest standard of care.

Based on this information we will create a personal and individual treatment recommendation, which may include advice on prescription medications, nutrition, oral and topical supplements, shampoo and scalp treatments, specialist clinic treatments, lifestyle changes, advice on cosmetic procedures, wigs and hairpieces, scalp micropigmentation and even hair transplant recommendations.                     

We understand the stress that various hair and scalp issues can cause. Our experts have an ethical and honest consultancy approach and we ensure you get the right diagnosis and treatment.

What to expect during (and before) your consultation:

We will ask you to supply as much information as possible, before your consultation (via: email) - we do not just spend the consultation time working on you diagnosis, many hours of time are spent both before and after your consultation considering your diagnosis and treatment plan - however, we cannot provide any advice without this face-to-face consultation. Information required will include:                       

  • Timeline of your hair loss/scalp problem  – when did it start, how has it progressed?   
  • Recent health changes –  short-term illnesses, viruses, fever, surgery, tooth abscess, accidents. 
  • Your general health –  medical conditions, such as hypertension, hypothyroidism, heart conditions, nerve conditions, auto-immune conditions, asthma, eczema, tiredness, dizziness, palpitations 
  • Medications –  long/short term medications used within the last 12 - 24 months.     supplements – vitamins, minerals, herbs, pills, sports supplements.                       
  • Diet – what you eat, how often you eat, any specific diet, weight gain or loss?Digestion – bloating, indigestion, IBS, constipation?                                            
  • Nails – are your nails weak, pitted, ridged, crumbly?                                           
  • Family History – genetic predisposition/family members who have been affected by the same/similar condition.                                                                                      
  • Stress – recent major incidences or ongoing stress, bereavement.                      
  • Blood tests – it is recommended you supply any recent blood tests prior to your consultation, even if  they are considered to be within ‘normal’ measurements.

You will also be asked to supply most of this information before your consultation. We do not just spend the consultation time working on you diagnosis, many hours of time are spent both before and after your consultation considering your diagnosis and treatment plan - however, we cannot provide any advice without this face-to- face consultation.


To ensure you get the most out of your consultation we recommend the following steps before your visit:                                                                 

  • Wash your hair a day or two before your appointment, not on the day. Do not add any cosmetic camouflage products to your hair before the consultation.                                                                                                     
  • Bring with you any medication/supplements/hair or scalp products you are currently taking/previously taken/currently using.
  • If you have had recent blood tests (in the past 6-12 months) please provide a copy prior to your consultation.
  • The consultation may last up to 1 hour, please be prompt, we endeavour not to run late or keep you waiting.



"The Elan clinic offered an explanation of the cause of my daughters’ hair loss - and practical help and support in how best to deal with and overcome the problem - I cant thank them enough."

Pamela - Stafford

“I have intermittent skin problems which have affected my scalp and hair - Neils’ depth of knowledge on the subject has impressed me. His research has been thorough, analysing my current symptoms and history and advising on hair products suitable for a sensitive scalp, dietary supplements and lifestyle changes."

Harriet - Warwick

"He has a calm and empathic approach which serves to reassure me that the condition is improving. I  would strongly recommend Neil to anybody who has concerns about their scalp or hair".

Juliette - Kenilworth

"Neil was able to diagnose my hair loss condition at an early stage and encouraged me to seek the medical input which was necessary.”

Ms Jones- Worcester

 "Neils’ sensitive support through the treatments available has been  invaluable in keeping my spirits up.  He can be relied on to give a realistic appraisal of progress and as a bonus can offer re -assuring advice on hair replacement solutions".

Jane - Chester



How can a trichologist help you?

Professional trichologists will help you assess any issues related to hair loss and scalp that you might be suffering from. They have experience with a wide range of issues associated with hair and this includes hair thinning and loss, itchy and flaky scalps, generic hair issues and so on. During the appointments you have with a trichologist, they will be able to analyse and find the solution to your problem.

Where can I find a trichologist?

Finding a trichologist in Birmingham can be difficult. Getting the most out of your money while finding a treatment that works for you is a process that might take a long time. Regardless of where you are, you must ensure that you choose a professional team that knows exactly what they are doing. It is often recommended that you check their previous successful client stories. In addition, don't forget to look for their experience in the different areas of hair and scalp issues. 

Visit our Trichology clinic in Warwickshire

Based in Warwickshire, our clinic is easily accessible from any part in the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull just to name a few. Our team of trichologists have been successful diagnosing and helping customers with their hair and scalp issues for years. Get in touch with one of our team members if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.